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Furlough Rant

Posted by on August 20th, 2009 with 0 Comments

Since the Republicans in Pennsylvania would rather play petty games with Philadelphia than pass the budget the city had ready in July, I’m on furlough. That means I lose 20% of my wages now and eventually, possibly my job. It means that thousands of other people in Philadelphia will lose their jobs. It means that everyone in Philadelphia will lose some or all services from sanitation, libraries, rec centers, police, parks and fire. I try to steer clear of political bickering on this site, but Jesus Fucking Christ.

The woman that answers the phone at Senator Pileggi’s office asks why I’d want to pay an extra 1% in sales tax.  I think the answer, “Because I’m getting a 20% pay cut now and face layoff soon you fucking idoit.” is an airtight rebuttal.

I do admit that people who argue that Nutter shouldn’t have built a budget that required approval from a bunch of childish, political game playing, Philadelphia-hating douchebags in the state Senate… you have a point, just not a rational one. I guess he should have known that he was working with a bunch of bottom feeding, small-time scumbags and assumed that they’d never do what was actually in the interest of the state that they represent.

But anyway, this post was supposed to be about an upcoming group show I’ll be a part of at Salt Gallery in Old City, but it seems to have gotten off track. More on that later. Until then, I’ve got 8 extra hours a week to work on my photos… which really isn’t a bad thing if I can turn it into some coin.That’s all for now.

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