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Philly Weekly, El Wedding, etc.

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments

First thing’s first. Resurrect Dead is the cover story of this week’s Philly Weekly. Even with news that the film was in Sundance and won Best Director in its category, the personal responses to this local town story has been some of the most excited I’ve heard. I guess it’s just not real until it’s in local press. But anyway, here’s something completely unrelated:

Typically, there’s a certain amount of respect and decorum among photographers shooting an event. I learned Sunday that if half a dozen photographers, 3 videographers and a train full of other press, friends, family and assorted guests are edging their way to the front of an el car to watch the mayor of Philadelphia marry a young couple on that el car, the typical rules of the subway take over.

This was the situation:

Hidden are several other photographers and at least 1 videographer

Now that’s just nuts. At the moment this was taken, the train was speeding toward West Philly, I was standing on the edge of a seat, my camera was held out over the right shoulder of a local photojournalist, inches above the bare head of a print journalist and near the left shoulder of a CNN reporter, who herself was holding both a still and video camera… on a tripod. No one was budging an inch. Navigating around anyone without smacking the brides’ grandmother in the head with an elbow/bag/flash was just about impossible.

The ceremony started at 15th street and was over by 46th and I knew that no amount of cropping, sharpening of other post work magic would salvage any of the shots I was getting. With time running out, I somehow made my way to a better spot. In the nick of time, I got some decent shots:

Special Comments:

To the photojournalist who got pissed off at me for trying to get a shot of the mayor signing the marriage certificate, I’m sorry. At the same time, you’re twice my size and mass and stood front and center, dead center of the aisle through the entire ceremony.

And to the DN photog who managed to get BEHIND the bride and groom, good thinking. I should have argued my way onto the front of the car when we boarded.

For his photo and more on the el marriage, check out one of the million places that picked up this heartwarming Valentines Tale. How about MSNBC.


And just because, here’s a picture of the creator of the reason for the tour, artist Steve Powers:

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