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Eagles Missing

Posted by on June 8th, 2011 with 0 Comments

Today was the annual Eagles Playground build/school/mural, paint day partnership.  Missing this year were the Eagles players. Boo! Coach Reid was there, Lurie, some other coordinators and all those back office/philanthropic people that work for the team, but… eh. Also present were all the ridiculously adorable little kids that go to the school:


But still no Eagles. When the team isn’t on strike, the players show up after lunch and immediately throw hundreds of kids and assembled media into a crazed frenzy. From there, they pretend to work for a while and then they leave. This year, not so much. But anway, here’s a photo of Mike Vick watering a plant from last year. The linemen standing a few feet away digging out pits for trees weren’t too happy about his plush watering gig:

It’s too damn hot out to end this post with a proper thought, so that’s all for now.

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