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Obama Delivers

Posted by on June 30th, 2011 with 0 Comments

I’ve never given a penny to a political campaign, but today Obama’s people wore me down and got me to toss him $5 for a “chance to win dinner with the President.” Why did I give now?  Maybe it’s Michelle Bachmann, or maybe it’s my desire to sit down to dinner with Barack Obama and regale him with Toynbee tile facts.

But why I gave doesn’t matter. What’s important is that within a few hours of my donation, the President followed me home all the way up Lincoln Drive, winding his way through West Mt. Airy and stopping to wave to me as he pulled into dinner with my far richer, far more powerful “neighbor” Comcast VP President, David L. Cohen. But I’m sure he appreciates me and all those other Mt. Airy liberals standing behind a line of police, secrete service and bomb sniffing dogs.


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