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MEGA Mural

Posted by on July 7th, 2011 with 0 Comments

I spent the afternoon hanging out with the How Philly Moves mural crew, dangling my camera with widest lens attached off the 6th floor of  an airport parking garage so that I could capture images like this:

How Philly moves artist/assistants Charles Newman and Laura Velez.



Non-staged shots of artists painting walls is hard enough when they’re on the ground. When they’re kind of below you, with the wall in front of you and a 125 foot drop everywhere else, it’s much more challenging. The photos were mostly blind compositions, with my arm fully extended into the ether. In a few of them, my other hand was holding an off camera flash. While I heard stories of people standing on the concrete ledges, 2 things stopped me from going that extra mile. One is my sensible fear of heights/death and the other was my airport employed escort, who probably wouldn’t have appreciated that sort of thing.

But anyway, here’s what the project looks like from the ground:

Photographer JJ tizou reviews progress of the mural with project manager Judy Hellman

And from directly below:

And those are all the photos I edited tonight. That’s all for now.

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