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Kenny Scharf Mural

Posted by on July 31st, 2011 with 1 Comment

Life has kind of kicked my ass this week. A bad summer cold led to general inactivity, which led to work piling up, which led to me springing into (still a little sick) action on Saturday. Unfortunately, the week’s lack of physical exertion caused my muscles to atrophy to the point where when I pulled a box of supplies off the shelf, a terrible jolt of pain shot through my lower back, immediately and completely crippling me. Damn that hurt. 45 minutes of emergency stretching later, I was able to touch my toes and felt well enough to set off on my photo journey.

Although the day ended when the (fuel pump?) on my car broke, causing it to break down at 16th and the Parkway and leading me to ride home in the cab of a AAA tow truck, the photo part of the day went relatively well.

One of my stops was the new Kenny Scharf mural above Sampan Restaurant. The good people at the restaurant led me to the roof, where I was able to get some decent detail photos and a quick panorama:


Close ups are nice, but shots from the street show the piece in context. Here it is from the street:


I still don’t recognize this stretch of 13th street. A few years ago it was more porn theater/dollar store than slick restaurants and pet boutiques. It’s the strip that’s changed more dramatically than any other in center city. It looks like some strange other city… I guess in a good way. But anyway, this mural and upcoming mural projects on this block are honestly exciting.  There are some cool things happening down here.




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  1. Vincent Fumo says:

    Love Kenny Scharf. I remember way back in college when I was considering spending my life savings on one of his prints “Juicy Jungle”

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