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I Photographed the Entire Zoe Strauss Billboard Project

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Mattress Flip, 26th and the Parkway

In 2010, Artist Carl Pope worked with students of the Mural Arts Program to create 25 Billboards for North Philadelphia businesses. Clear Channel donated ad space from Wayne Junction to Delaware Ave and I spent several days and 150+ miles of driving tracking down and photographing them.

For years I’ve been given  lists of murals, calculated access, weather, angle of the sun and other intangibles and used that information to synthesize detailed maps and plans for shooting them. I’ve also traveled to every corner of this and other cities searching for Toynbee Tiles for the movie Resurrect Dead. All this is to say that I have a wealth of experience driving to multiple points to photograph public art.

So on Friday, while reading one of any number of articles on the Zoe Strauss Billboard Project, it occurred to me that  I was the person with just the right combination of obsessiveness, tenacity and know how to document it. I also thought that if I didn’t, no one else would and that would be a shame. So I did.

2 days, 108 miles and 1 head cold later and the documenting is done. A few images are included in this post, but you can view the full set over on flickr.

Room Where Bessie Smith Died, Ogontz Ave & Washington Lane


El Hatch, 62d and Market

Together We Make Dreams Come True, 49th and Paschall

Woman Laughing in Indiana, 10th and Ridge/Callowhill


Women Kissing, Cottman and Revere


Charday Laverty, Torresdale and Levick


Pacific Ocean, 31st and Spring Garden


Art Museum Steps, I-95 and Tasker Ave

This is only a sample. View the rest of the photos, billboards and photos of the billboards here.

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