Tile Broadcast on 6ABC

So WPVI TV, Philly’s local ABC affiliate ran a investigative piece on the tiles last night. While good in theory, the broadcast was typical hellion propaganda. The piece – located here – did interview the Resurrect Dead team, so that was good. Other than that, I was disappointed that they

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Toynbee tile in Iraq

Here’s a photo of a Toynbee tile from Balad, Iraq… WTF? The copycat tile was discovered by a poster to this site.

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Pure evil captured on film!

These photos show the first nanoseconds of an atomic explosion. The camera is 7 miles from ground zero, the focal length is 10 feet and the shutter speed is 100 microseconds. – – –

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Shit tossing fascist ape

So this evening I’m a committed recluse. I was inside here eating some buffalo tacos with homemade guacamole and watching CSPAN and the UN is giving an incident by incident report of the steadily deteriorating Middle East… that shit was too depressing for dinner, so I switched to PCN, the

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Trust my foresight

My girlfriend, Liza is in New Hampshire. I’m in Philadelphia. Long ago – relatively speaking – I had a girlfriend, who in the summer, lived in New Hampshire. I used to take the train up there to visit her. She lived on some land that had been in her family

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