Continuing on a personal tradition, I just headed over to the main post office at 30th and Market to drop off my tax return. Why do I wait until the last day? I don’t know. A couple years ago, I made it on the evening news. They asked why I

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Door March, 2006

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Wood Duck

Until today, I’d never seen the majestic (for a duck) Wood Duck within Philadelphia City limits. Today I saw 5 of them down in the Wissahickon Valley. Being a fan of birds and such, this really made my afternoon. It also justified my biking around all day with a heavy

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Good Friday

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Smoking ban

I smoked for 10 years. I quit a year and a half ago. While I was a smoker, I looked with fear and dread towards each smoking ban that forged way into Philadelphia City Council. Each piece of legislation introduced in Philly has died somewhere along the way, but someday

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