Beloved Castro feared Dead

I’d like to kick off the political end of this blog with a bang. Unreliable sources – such as this one – are reporting that savior, prophet, sanit and great and noble leader, Fidel Castro may in fact be dead. He may also be alive. Rumors of Castro’s death are

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Hello World


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Last night, my friend Stephan said something that I thought was absolutely, astoundingly brilliant.. I can’t quote exactly, but in the course of our conversation he said: “When I go downtown and watch people, almost everyone I see just walks around looking away from something. If you’re focusing so hard

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Welcome Spring

A little less than a year ago, while taking photos for Ju-Yeon Ryu’s Lost Spirits, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art – I was distracted by a beautiful vision of spontaneous convergence elsewhere on the terrace. I ran over, dropped to the ground and hit the ‘shutter’ on

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Happy Sunday

I found this juxtaposition on Kelly Drive this morning. A few months ago, the love tile people filled Rittenhouse Square with their heart shaped placards. They were gone by the evening.

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