There’s a flickering fluorescent light in the bathroom at work. Flickering fluorescent lights are like magical portals into despair and isolation. Not the despair based on a singular tragedy like violence, torture or war, but the despair brought on by the slow erosion of personal dignity. Their flickering serves as

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Underground City

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Broccoli II

On my way home this afternoon, I passed the broccoli dumpster. Once again, it was being filled with broccoli. If I hadn’t been on my way home sick and if I wasn’t afraid my stomach was going to lose structural integrity at any moment, I would have stopped and asked

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New Jersey

I have my fingers crossed, but the site seems to be working again. As long as there are no further problems, I’m just gonna pretend that nothing happened. OK. On Saturday, Liza and I took a trip to beautiful New Jersey. Actually, once we got past the sound of the

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Hold it Together!

Dovate.com has become riddled with problems. What are the problems? I don’t know. Basically, large, important swaths of the site have stopped working in Firefox. As a loyal Firefox user myself – this was a crisis that hit particularly close to home. But anyway, the quickest and easiest fix was

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