In last weekend’s great unraveling, I lost my broccoli post. I later received threatening emails (from a friend) demanding that I return it to its rightful place so that she and the farmer/radical types she’s fallen in with could see it whenever they wanted. I lost the original text –

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Looking For Inspiration

Dick Cheney shot a senior citizen in the face with a shotgun this past weekend and I think that’s just spectacular. I don’t know why this news fills me with glee, but it does. Some things defy explanation. The man will be OK, so don’t call me a heartless bastard

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Clown Trapped in Burning Car

This evening while cleaning out email, I ran across something very strange. It took me a minute to remember, but then I realized it was the first in a series of self assigned writing assignments. In these assignments, I’d think up a topic in a second and write a page

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For no particular reason, here’s a woodpecker. It’s a Downy woodpecker and it lives in Northern California. — — — — — — That’s all.

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The only theme that draws these photographs together is that they were taken over 4 consecutive days in the city of Philadelphia. Aside from that, they can be be grouped together by themes of a setting sun and the decay of American economic dominance. Actually, connecting those themes isn’t that

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