Good GOD! (of the day)

For some reason, I get 8 or 9 Christian networks. Sometimes, while flipping through my trifling cable selection, Jan Couch’s horrible face stops my channel surfing like a donkey kick to the head. She looks like Tammy Faye Baker crossed with your worst nightmare. That’s all I really have to

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I love this city. I love that I can walk through the largest underground catacomb, the meeting point of the subway, the el, half a dozen underground trolleys and 9 regional rail routes. I love that I can walk through that nexus of transportation on a Saturday afternoon and find

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Sixth Borough Redux, Again – or why Philly needs to shut the hell up

All right Philadelphia, listen. Enough with this ‘sixth borough’ crap. Just shut up. The city is acting like that kid with no self-esteem who constantly reminds everyone just how much they hate that hot popular boy. If things keep going this way, Philly’s gonna end up getting knocked up behind

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Home Again

Well, I guess I should get the old holiday message off the top of the page here and get on with the New Year. I’ve got a lot to say; but unfortunately, or fortunately, or whatever or however you want to take it, most of it’s personal. So bear with

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New Updates, Content, Reviews, Links and More

Hello all. Believe it or not I’ve been hard at work on I’ve tidied up the left-hand side of the title page, adding a few new links and bumping off a few tired ones. Now while news about links might not seem exciting – I highly recommend that you

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