Men’s Room

I’m not going to go into much detail about why public mens rooms are so interesting and disgusting. I won’t tell my stories about needles in sinks, or the wide spectrum of sexual acts I’ve inadvertently witnessed, overheard or been propositioned for while in them. All I’ll do is post

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Athens Sunset

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Photography Exhibit in City Hall

Last months show at SALT Gallery is being recycled and expanded at City Hall. The 15 photos by myself, Tony Gaye and Jack Ramsdale have been framed and hung in the brand new exhibition space in the west portal hallway with a ton of new images by decorated Philly photogs

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I’m back, now with gore!

I spent the last couple of weeks in Greece producing 2044 (or about 60 GBs) of images. This might seem excessive and it is. I’ll undoubtedly be writing a lot about the trip in the next few weeks/months as I process those photos. So why wait to start? First up

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Gone Far Away

Be back in a bit. Click to enlarge:

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