Goodnight From Park Avenue

Looking towards Park Ave from 30th Street. Click to enlarge:

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Furlough Rant

Since the Republicans in Pennsylvania would rather play petty games with Philadelphia than pass the budget the city had ready in July, I’m on furlough. That means I lose 20% of my wages now and eventually, possibly my job. It means that thousands of other people in Philadelphia will lose

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Tuskeegee Airman

A pilot with the original Tuskeegee Airmen looks up at a mural dedicated to their lives and service. For a full gallery of images from this event, click here.

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Why I don’t hate Mike Vick

I worked my way through college at an animal ER in West Philadelphia. Being a super-rich institution on the edge of a very poor neighborhood, it saw an exaggeratedly stratified base of clients. I could write 100,000 words linking the love,  callousness, racism, class division, anger and abuse that I

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Suck it Kinkade

Popular Photography’s “Mentor Series” of photo travel treks is holding a “Master Class” in lighting this fall in Philadelphia.  If you open up August’s issue of PopPhoto (2-page spread just inside the front cover) you’ll see one of my photos advertising their Philly adventure. Mine is the twilight photo of

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