I was walking thorough the forest when a ray of light fell on this mushroom. It was so beautiful that I ate it: Actually I didn’t eat it.

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Rare Political Post

Today at lunch I was sitting next to a 30-something nurse and her 20-something companion. The nurse talked non-stop about politics… sort of. She went on about how the country was changing and how scared she was. In a sober but terrified voice she compared Barack Obama to Stalin and

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Abandoned Subdivision

If I had lots of time and money to blow taking an enormous professional risk, I’d drive all over the country photographing abandoned housing developments. As it is, the collapse in the Philly metro area has been relatively mild. That makes finding delinquent construction sites difficult… but not impossible. There’s

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Under the Highway and the Train

Spring Garden Street El stop and I-95 overpass:

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Sinatra Covers

Rittenhouse Square on July 4th:

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Your Neighborhood Toynbee Tile

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