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Disturbing Videos

The internet is an amazing tool. Other times, it isn’t. Craigslist is great for listing and finding apartments. Youtube has changed the world by empowering the people to make and distribute videos for free. But when you combine these 2 world shaking innovations, all you get is the a serial

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Letter to an ex-lover: Exciting Conclusion

I was lying on my back in the woods near my house in Northwest Philly. It was a late autumn night and when the wind blew the trees swayed with it. I was 16 and alone with myself in an altered state of mind. My mouth tasted like metal and

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Letter to an ex-lover: Part I

When I was 12 years old, one of my friends gave me some valuable and genuine advice: “Don’t believe what anyone says. Smoking really does make you cool.” That was the day I tried my first cigarette. If you’re a virgin to smoking, each drag makes your lungs tight. It

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As Promised: Whales

Did you know that Bowhead whales can live for more than 200 years? That was one of the many facts I heard for the second time in as many years during a whale watch up in Maine. I’ve seen whales from Alaska to Newfoundland and I never get tired of

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