God Dammit

I was going to post a bunch of pictures of whales, but I decided to buy a block of gold, a shotgun and a bunch of boards for my windows instead. I was also kept up half the night by a mosquito loose in my room, so I’m not at

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Picasso and Acid freaks would be proud

30 second exposures turned to animation. Thanks to eric for sending me this link. Light-Paint Piano Player from Ryan Cashman on Vimeo.

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Irish Invasion

Today found me sitting bitch in the back of a Philly Car Share minivan with 2 Northern Irish political aides tapping away at their blackberries on either side of me. It was odd. All was part of a very brief tour of the city’s public art for Cabinet Minister Jeffrey

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Poor still Worthless to Nation’s Future

The Federal Reserve continued to deny a bailout to more than 38,000,000 Americans living in poverty, characterizing such a move as “an unnecessary burden to hardworking taxpayers.” Calling the potential action by the Fed a “dangerous step towards a socialist system that we cannot afford to take.” President Bush condemned

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Northwest Territories

I grew up in a strange little corner of Philadelphia called Mt. Airy. If you’ve never been there, Mt. Airy is like a college town without a college… or students. Imagine West Philly if all the Penn kids died, all the poor people were middle class, all the gentrifiers were

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