Tiles Profiled by Hellion Internet Reporter

Last week I was contacted by CBS3 internet reporter (and former Miss Pennsylvania) Nicole Brewer about creating a site profile for the station. The webcast would chronicle the fascinating world of dovate.com and more specifically my bizarre obsession with the Toynbee tiles. Self-promoter that I am, I did 2 things:

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Wrinkled Power Hungry Imp Spotted at 12th and Filbert

John McCain arrived at Reading Terminal Market today, to boisterous shouts of “Boo”, “O-BA-MA” and my personal favorite, “Fuck McCain.” The crowd swelled to a few dozen as curious shoppers wandered over to see what all the fuss was about. I was one of the smattering of spectators. Without a

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Neighbor Apparently Dead – GET OVERSEAS STAMPS

I’m worried about my neighbor. The primaries are long since over. The convention has come and gone, but they still have a Hillary Clinton sign in their window. I’ve never seen anyone come or go from the house and I can only assume that they’re dead. They must have died

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Strange New World

Well vacation is over. Many photos were taken, much fun was had, food eaten, memories forged. My travels took me to the human colony known as “Canada.” I captured this photo on the surface of that strange and beautiful world: But now work is back. Laundry has to be done,

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After consulting my hazy memory, I think that my last 2 week vacation was in September 1997. I flew out to Oregon and stayed in a small trailer behind an overcrowded shack of a house in Eugene. There were dogs and drug dealers and guns and crystal meth and the

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