Incredible Bad Idea?

Not incredibly, but incredible. The scene: the streets of Philadelphia, 3AM. The game: Lasertag The objective: Be the last man standing. (I doubt there would be any women involved in this) This wasn’t my idea, I actually stole it from Ben at geekadelphia. But why is it a bad idea?

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So I’m watching this show. It’s pretty damn good. It’s about a city with a skyrocketing murder problem and the corrupt, cash strapped and incompetent government that’s trying to deal with it. It’s very realistic. Although the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are seeing a lot of condo construction and gentrification,

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busy, busy

I’m way too busy to post anything so I’ll just copy/paste an “I love you, I hate you” notice from the City Paper. It’s epic. Amazing. It has twists and turns. It’s hate, love and everything in-between. Enjoy: FUCKING DICKHEAD To the young immature kid because you are not a

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Helpful Driving Tips

Work demands my time, so once again it’s time to dig deep into the archives and pull out something sweet. Here is a short list of helpful driving tips I originally put together in September 2000. —– Driving in the city teaches you a lot about human nature. Just a

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no comment

Long ago, I conceived of as a platform for my photography. As time went on I added writing. As the hard-coded site became more cumbersome and difficult to maintain, I begrudgingly installed “blog” software. Complaining about the idea of blogs on your own blog is kind of like complaining

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