A long time after taking this photo, my feelings for it have changed a lot.

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Sometime in the early to mid-1980’s the Toynbee tiler made a trip to Brazil, Argentia and Chile, laying tiles in Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago. These were the tiles that made a lot of people stop and take the mystery seriously. There’s something about an international mystery that’s a lot

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For months I’ve wanted to go to the little Korean shack out at 69th street. For avid readers of this site, you’ll remember my description of little white shack as one of the best Korean restaurants in the Philly area. It’s an extremely nondescript building found wedged the middle of

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So yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a nice walk home from Reading Terminal when I hear a woman screaming. She’s not screaming for help, but she’s definitely in distress. At 13th and Filbert, this is what I see: A minivan. In the passenger side is a kid, maybe 10. In

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Resurrecting the Dead

On October 25 of the year 2000 I wrote this product review for the “Ouija Board” for epinions.com: ————– If the dead want to talk, let them come to YOU Oct 25 ’00 Pros good for contacting the dead Cons the dead will bore you to death It’s about time

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